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Our environment and culture are the two things that have the most important role in our growth, development, and success.

When somebody is born and Where they are born, is crucial for their development. Being part of a certain culture, being born at a certain time, change our opportunities and our relationship with risk.

The truth is that we can’t determine when and where to be born. Those are things that we can’t control and we have to accept. We come to this world at a certain time, at a certain date, and somewhere on this planet. The thing that we can control however is our environment.

Culture is like air. You can’t really understand it deeply unless it changes, or it changes us.

The influence of your environment and what culture really is?

Culture and environment are strongly connected and dependent. How people interact, think, and act, their values, and virtues are dependent on the environment they live in.

Culture is a term which contains the social behaviors, the norms, knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, habit, and capabilities of a group. People learn the culture from their parents and people they are spending time with, with those they socialize with. Different cultures value different things. For example, military culture has the duty, honor, and loyalty as the social standards. On the other hand, pacifistic cultures have a whole different point of view on the world and different values that guide them.

Now take a moment and think about the following. What is the biggest dream that you have? Is your environment right for the goal you want to achieve?

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We tend to ignore our environment

Most of the time we ignore our environment while chasing a goal and we end up failing. A friend of mine, Mike, started a few years ago a great project. He wanted to help people in isolated areas to have access to supplies so they can live a better life. In the first few months, he was working 14 hours a day helping those people.

After few months, Mike told me that he wanted to give up. He was working around the clock, all day long and he lost all his energy and drive. I met Mike and we analyzed what is going on in his life. He was living in a nice village, close to a big city. His neighbors were working in the city for various software development companies. They were waking up at 8 o clock in the morning, and by 18 in the afternoon, they were back, enjoying dinner and spending time playing games. Mike on the other hand was waking up at 4 o clock in the morning and was home at 10 in the evening. He was eating on the go, putting his life in danger all day long to reach those isolated communities. It was not an office job, it was hard and risky work.

Being surrounded by people living a comfortable life, with a lot of free time, made Mike lose his drive. He started to dream about an easier, more comfortable life, even if that life he tried to avoid in the beginning.

Is never too late to change your environment

I showed Mike a job posting online. There was a group of people looking for help somewhere in a dangerous mountain area, in a different country. I invited him to pause his venture for few months and go there, to learn from this organization, see how they help others, and maybe come up with better ideas on how to help local people also. He accepted. After just a few months he was working with these people. He stayed there for three years, before coming back.

When he returned, we met. Mike was a different person now.

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“No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich.”― Malcolm Gladwell

What can we learn from Mike’s experience?

We can see the real power of our environment. Changing our environment will change the way we see life, the way we see our projects, and value our time and life. The beauty of it is that we can change our environment if it doesn’t fit us anymore.

Now it’s YOUR turn

  1. Is your environment good for you?
  2. Are the people that are surrounding you helping you grow?


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