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Artificial emotions are always better than no emotions. A feeling that is easy and natural is by far the best thing that can create movement. In time, movement leads to success and achievement.

What if we don’t have a natural and easy feeling about something? Only artificial emotions

Natural is always better than artificial, that’s true for food, for clothes, but even for our feelings. However, an artificial stimulus is still better than no feeling, or emotion. When we are not driven, when we are not doing something we love or we feel that is worth our attention, we are simply wasting time.

We all know the phrase “Fake it until you make it”. This is the advice people give when they talk about the artificial stimulus that creates movement, at least until they realize that faking it doesn’t really feel right. When that happens, they simply let it slide and quit.

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“What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.”― Jason Fried

Often people are quitting exactly before it gets interesting or before they succeed. Psychologist George Crane believed that people can’t control their emotions directly. Emotions are controlled by motions and actions. That means that by going through the proper motions each day, repeatedly, we can simply change the way we see the world, our thinking, and our own habits.

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We don’t have to fake things until we make it. It is way easier than that

It’s not really “Fake it until you make it”, it is more like “Fake it until you become it”.

We have to fake things long enough so they produce effects. In time we start to believe the fake story and we simply become the thing that we fake.

Acting courageous in-spite of fear for long enough, transform us and make us courageous. Faking willpower and self-control will increasingly make us more confident and in control. Smiling more in a day will result in us being happy people. When we stand tall and with our heads high, we become more confident and determined.

Getting rid of timidity with Artificial Emotions

One of the young people that I’ve worked with within the past, managed to get rid of his timidity, following the same principle. Jack was a shy young man. He was always listening to his parents and teachers. He was always afraid to go against the rules and for this reason, he simply did not have enough confidence to make important decisions in his life and felt like he was constantly drifting between what other people wanted from him.

I suggested to Jack to follow these simple steps for few months. Every time he met a new person, to simply smile. Then he should reach for the other person’s hand and shake it warmly, but with a firm grip. While doing this, he had to look directly at the other person, smile, and say “I’m very glad to meet you”

Those are the only few steps Jack had to do. After few months, Jack was not only a more happy man, but he was confident too. The way he walked, the way he smiled, the shake hand, and even the way he dressed changed.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if somebody believes that fake action is not real. Just as Randa Abdel-Fattah says “Belief means nothing without actions”, even if actions are, in the beginning, simply fake for them.

Now it’s YOUR turn

  1. Are you a self-confident person?
  2. Have you ever faked something that then became natural?


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