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Mind food. The food for your mind.

Our mind is the most powerful and delicate instrument that we have. It can create beauty out of nothing and bring hell from nowhere.

Is simply an amazing instrument. If it is strong and oriented toward achievement, it can carry us forward to success. On the other hand, if it is weak, distracted, or trapped in fear, it will carry us to failure.

There is a deep connection between our bodies and our minds. All of us are aware of how important health is for our body, but few people actually care about the health of their minds. They care about it, only in the most extreme cases, in which diseases interact with the way they see the world.

Mind - body balance

We all know that the best way to stay healthy and fit is to pay attention to what we eat.

But what should we do to pay attention to our mental health? What is the right “food” for the mind?

First of all, mind food can’t be found in packages that we can get from the store. It is not something we can carefully cook, we can’t share it with our families around the table, it is not sweet and it doesn’t taste like chocolate.

We need to understand that our mind food is everything that surrounds us. The minds of our closest friends, our habits, our mindset, our personality, the books we read, the movies we watch, the music we listen to.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

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Everything that influences us in one way or another, is the food we feed to our mind.

Just like we get sick if we eat too much sugar, we get sick when we surround ourselves with people that have a negative view of the world. At first, sugar gives us energy, we feel great and we think we can conquer the world. It is the same with negative people. When we first meet them, we have energy, we try to help them, we are positive and we feel that we can help them reach for the stars. But consuming too much sugar will make our body sick and recovering from that sickness might be sometimes impossible. It is the same with our mind, to recover from a negative attitude can be a long journey.

On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables, might not give us the high energy bursts that sugar gives us, but in the long term, they help us stay in shape and healthy. It is the same thing that happens when we embrace a strong mindset. It won’t give us a spike of energy, it won’t give us the feeling we are on top of the world, but it will make us dream big, reach goals, have a positive attitude, and build the right environment.

The choice is yours. You have the power to choose what to eat, what to put into your body, and also to choose what to feed your mind. Don’t let anyone feed your mind negative and destructive food.

Now it’s YOUR turn

  1. Are you surrounded by negative or positive people?
  2. How many of your friends are positive, see everything as an opportunity, and are excited about life? 

Through this article series, we are helping you build a solid mindset. We are strong believers that once we can understand a subject, we can engage with the idea or refuse it altogether. Both ways are helping us grow and develop our own way of seeing the world.

In the end, everything starts with us, with our mind, our self, and even our stories. Choose to act now on Studylia.

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