Persistence in hard times. The power of persistence

The power of persistence representative image. Quote from Maya Angelou "Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

Our hardest times, if we take advantage of the power of persistence, leads to the greatest moments of our lives. Tough situations will build a strong mindset in the end, but with only one condition. To keep going and be persistent  Most people nowadays are willing to try things, especially if they believe that those things […]

The importance of practice

The importance of practice

Practice simply because practicing is the only way to get better. The best way to improve any skill, no matter if it is hard, soft or any other kind, is through practice. However, theoretical knowledge, occasional or inconsistent practice only gives people the impression of progress, when in reality it means little. You don’t practice […]

Your environment

Your environment. Community

Our environment and culture are the two things that have the most important role in our growth, development, and success. When somebody is born and Where they are born, is crucial for their development. Being part of a certain culture, being born at a certain time, change our opportunities and our relationship with risk. The truth is […]