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Step 1: Generating ideas

If you are thinking about creating a new course, launching a new class, or starting a new business, you start with an IDEA. But how do you generate ideas and discover what works? This free e-book will help you discover:

What others are saying

The ebook looks great. It contains useful information that can help everyone who is looking for a way to generate ideas.
Dan Valentin Barbieru
This ebook is perfect for you if you are creating a new course. Read it and discover an exciting journey from ideas to launching an online course and the tools you can use to start making money from it. I was amazed by the simplicity of this method to begin launching a course, and I will try it in my next one.”
Carmen Mihalca
The book is concise and to the point. It contains actionable points that can be used. It is brilliantly written and speaks directly to me as a reader. Now I am excited to put my ideas into practice.
Madalina Nastasa
I enjoyed very much reading this e-book. It is very well structured and easy to read. Though it was short, it was full of useful information. It's not just theory and empty words. It contains concrete information that you can apply right away. I discovered new techniques I didn't know about, which helped me a lot. I recommend it. It's a great e-book for those who want to start a business or create a course.
Aida Cotuna
In this e-book, I could find simple and clear steps regarding the process of generating ideas. I have found a structure that I can follow. Now I feel more confident and more enthusiastic about this process. It is great that Studilya.com handles all the technical so I can easily create courses. It is a great relief that helps me focus on generating good ideas.
Lorand Palfalvi
The e-book gave me the courage to start and the solution to generate more ideas. Now I am excited to put some of my ideas into practice!
Cristina Lapadus

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