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Biologie la bacalaureat cu voie bună și 10 (zece)

Biologie la bacalaureat cu voie bună și 10 (zece)!

Course by Claudia Groza

De ce să alegi biologie la bacalaureat? Alegerea opțiunii de biologie la bacalaureat este o decizie importantă care poate avea un impact semnificativ asupra viitorului tău academic și profesional.

Terapia prin scris

Course by Claudia Groza

Descoperă terapia prin scris. Exploreaza partea științifică din spatele acesteia. Afla cum să îți vindeci traumele din copilărie.

Revolutia iubirii de sine

Revolutia iubirii de sine

Course by Adriana Wingard

Daca te-ai saturat sa mai suferi stand in relatii toxice, sa te chinui sa-l uiti pe un fost partener care te-a parasit sau te-a inselat sau daca Nu mai vrei sa te simti folosit in nici un fel de ceilalti, acest curs REVOLUTIA IUBIRII de SINE este pentru tine.

What's better than being creative?

Sharing and testing your ideas with others. Give all of your ideas a chance and discover what works! Then do more of what works.

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Treat your course like an experiment

The worst it can happen is that your hypothesis might gets invalidated. No matter the result, you'll find valuable insights to improve further.

Taking risks can be scary

Creating and publishing a course is a serious time investment. How can you put that time into good work?

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Productivity, growth, ideas, art, research illustration

Experimenting is fun

Create the course, publish on Studylia, and expose it to your audience. Then use your students’ feedback to make it better.

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Being successful is now easier

We want to make selling courses hassle-free for everyone. You focus on creating, we bring the tech. All you need is a drop of courage to start.

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Text content, audio or video courses, podcasts, live classes, group interactions? Studylia provides you with all the options you need. Find out what works for you!

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mamici fit

I'm passionate about helping people reach their goals of a healthy body and mind, and Studylia's offering made it easy for me to create and upload courses and start making money without any technical work.
Their payment system is secure and their support team is always available to help with any questions I have.

Aida Cotuna sells Fitness courses
Teacher Adriana Marston

Adding a new course on Studylia was fast and efficient.
The process was completely handled by the Studylia team and they were very fast.

Adriana Marton sells Self publishing courses

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Discover your true fans and interact with them daily with simple posts, private messages, or group chats. You decide how you want to get paid and how much. Studylia handles all the technical details. You receive your money in your account.

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Because we don’t want you to stress about fees we have zero monthly charges. We only take a small cut out of each sale. As an extra advantage for you, our cut percentage decreases as you grow. Win-win!

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