Frequently Asked Questions

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About Studylia

Studylia is learning reimagined for the social world that we live in today. Discovering and learning new things is easy on Studylia. Students debate what they are learning, and coaches are just a few clicks away to guide them.

On Studylia, students enroll in courses, join mastermind groups, or join discussion groups.
Each course is created and owned by the coach. It contains lessons that include videos, images, text, and helping resources.
Each mastermind group is owned and managed by the coach. Part of the mastermind group, the coach, and the students work together to discover solutions and clarify questions.
Each course has a discussion group associated with it. When students enroll, they also join the discussion group of that course. In this group, they meet other students, discuss ideas and share thoughts.

Studylia is free to join and use. However, we offer coaches complete freedom in setting the prices for their courses or mastermind groups. Coaches get paid for each course sold or member of their mastermind groups.

We are a remote-first team with people located across Europe and Africa.

Using Studylia

New users can join themselves, or they can get invited. To invite a friend, use the Send Invite feature. It is easily accessible from the quick menu.

Once a course is purchased, it becomes available right away. Access to the discussion group is also instant.

On Studylia, courses do not have an expiration time. You can complete them at your own pace. 

You receive a certificate of completion for each course completed on Studylia. 

You can always reach us using the live chat on our website at Free free to reach out at [email protected]

Getting paid on Studylia

Yes. Everyone can apply and become a coach on Studylia. As a coach, you get paid for all your courses and all your mastermind groups.

You need to make sure that you are taking care of your taxes, according to your areas laws and regulations. 

Becoming a coach is easy. Simply apply using the form on Coach on Studylia.

At the moment we have no open positions. We are looking forward to growing our team in the near future.

Become a Coach today

You have a passion, and you have a voice. Inspire students around the world with your knowledge and skills. Studylia is the perfect place for your coaching career.

Learning valuable skills is now social and easy. Join as a coach today!