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Thinking big. How big can you think?

Thinking Big. Quote by Jorge Paulo Leman - “It takes the same effort to think small than to think big. But to think big frees you from the insignificant details.”

What we do, what we achieve are limited by the size of our thinking. Thinking big is essential to build great projects.

How big or small we can think, influences everything in our lives. Most people tend to think small, to imagine only the next move, to leave their dreams to chance. By doing that, they limit the size of their accomplishments even before starting.

Mike’s story

Everything started from the moment when Mike graduated from college and was offered a new job. Therefore he wanted to talk about his plans for a new career and ask for advice.

Mike was concerned about his future, his pension plan, about how this new job will affect his life-work balance. Which is a common thing, because just like Mike, people are growing more and more concerned about the life-work balance and their comfort. The problem here is that Mike was not concerned about the impact and meaning of work, he was more concerned about his free time and some money on the side to support himself.

He is not the only young person nowadays that thinks like that. The tendency for many people is to simply think small. Just like Mike, people do not think about the possibility of doing great things, they don’t want to change the world, they only dream about having free time to spend with their friends, family, and their hobby, while having enough money from their day to day job to support themselves.

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Thinking big vs The life-work balance concept

Studying successful people, we can see that they were not concerned about money and free time. For them, the concept of life-work balance did not exist. They wanted to make an impact, to leave a legacy behind, to improve the world for the better.

These people were not the small thinkers that simply searched for a convenient way to spend their free time, to balance work and life. They were the ones that imagined the world for what it could be, not for what it currently is.

For instance, when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he wasn’t thinking about his free time or a way to support himself. He was thinking of creating the Everything store”, a place where people can find everything they wanted, from all over the world. His success was simply not a result of small thinking, it was not about work-life balance. It is a result of a great vision, ambition, and hard work.

In conclusion, when we plan our goals, it is vital to think big. If we search for life-work balance, we simply commit mental suicide. People that put that balance first, find themselves feeling miserable after few years. But when people are driven by a vision, a big goal, they invest passionately into every minute. They learn, grow, develop themselves, they simply make a difference.

Life is more than relaxing and spending time with friends. It’s about growing, overcoming obstacles, evolving, creating something that makes a difference.

Quote mark

“It takes the same effort to think small than to think big. But to think big frees you from the insignificant details.” – Jorge Paulo Lemann

Now it’s YOUR turn

  1. What is your biggest goal?
  2. Do you think big or small?

Through this article series, we are helping you build a solid mindset. We are strong believers that once we can understand a subject, we can engage with the idea or refuse it altogether. Both ways are helping us grow and develop our own way of seeing the world.

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