Episode 10 – Making friends as an adult

Have you thought about why it’s so hard to make friends as an adult? How come that when we are young, making friends seems easy, but as we grow it becomes challenging? In this episode we are discussing about how we can make friends as an adult. We touch upon topics like the maximum capacity […]

Episode 9- Reality-checks and parenthood

It is common that partners to have a lot of topics to talk about. But, due to competing priorities and daily duties, it’s hard to find the time to talk about them. When partners become parents, things can get out of hand.

How can we find or create…

Episode 8 – Why we’re intimidated by confidence

Confidence is seen as being aware of what we can do, what we cannot do and also believe in ourselves.

But even confident people, when trying something new, might feel less confident. In this episode we unpack the concept of confidence sharing our…

Episode 7 – Can creativity be re-learned

It is quite common to talk about creativity when it comes to painting, writing, singing, or in the space of visual arts. But is that it?

On a daily basis, we write, talk, tweet and we post online. We invent and share ideas with the world all the…

Episode 6 – Time management

Do you think time management is real?

What if time cannot be managed and its management is actually something completely different than what we used to?

On this episode we share two completely different perspectives on this subject, but still…

Episode 5 – Why we should have more conflicts

Conflict can happen everywhere two or more people are working or living together. It can happen between friends and colleagues, in families and workplaces.

Most of us try to avoid them or go in them thinking this is a win or lose situation.


Episode 4 – Navigating through opportunities

What are opportunities and how can we identify them?
Are you that “lucky” person to whom opportunities come naturally or do you feel like the right one hasn’t reached you yet, and you just keep waiting?

Opportunities are times or sets of…

Episode 3 – Work life integration

What if the way we think about our job is all wrong?

If we take work as something we have to do, it’s no wonder why we’re trying to balance it out with more exciting things that we want to do, such as spending time with friends or family.
We are…

Episode 2 – Uncovering motivation

Are you waiting for motivation to come to you, but it doesn’t seem to happen?

We all have periods when we feel unmotivated, and that is okay. Maybe we need to slow down and find our way back. Maybe, we need to rest and recharge.

But what if the…

Episode 1 – Stressful situations

If advice and how-to tips on how to deal with stress worked, there would be no stressed-out people.

But what if stress doesn’t always have to be bad?

A good amount of stress can help us grow, focus and help us get things done. And this is where…