Creative Thinking

Applied Creative Thinking. Quote from Martin Luther King Jr. - “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better”

Most people associate creative thinking with artistic skills or great achievements. These are skills such as painting, writing, composing music, or achievements like the discovery of electricity, space travel, or vaccines. While these are all creative endeavors indeed, there are some others that we miss, that we don’t consider as part of creative thinking. But […]

To make or Not to make a decision

To make or not to make a decision

No matter what we want to do, we have to make a decision at some point about it. The truth is that we love to make easy decisions and we hate to make the hard ones. We love to think that the world is simple, that it is a black and white world, but in […]

Good or bad?

Good or bad?

The concepts of good and bad are simply extreme sides of the imagination, and nothing else. We get obsessed and caught up in the intensity of events in our lives and almost all the time we categorize them being either good or bad. However things are never good nor bad, they simply are. The only […]