Hiding behind excuses

Hiding behind excuses

The more happy, fulfilled, and successful a person is, the less they are inclined to make excuses. A main difference between a person that drives change, creates value and drives projects and a person that doesn’t achieve much, is how they see excuses. The more successful the individual, the less they are inclined in coming […]

Creative Thinking

Applied Creative Thinking. Quote from Martin Luther King Jr. - “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better”

Most people associate creative thinking with artistic skills or great achievements. These are skills such as painting, writing, composing music, or achievements like the discovery of electricity, space travel, or vaccines. While these are all creative endeavors indeed, there are some others that we miss, that we don’t consider as part of creative thinking. But […]

Dreams. The world needs you to Dream

Dreams. Quote by Harriet Tubman - “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Every great thing started with an idea. Those ideas crystallized in dreams, then they became reality through action. People say that the world we live in is the reality we experience and the reality is exactly how nature created it. That there are universal laws that keep everything in place. People also say that there […]

Thinking big. How big can you think?

Thinking Big. Quote by Jorge Paulo Leman - “It takes the same effort to think small than to think big. But to think big frees you from the insignificant details.”

What we do, what we achieve are limited by the size of our thinking. Thinking big is essential to build great projects. How big or small we can think, influences everything in our lives. Most people tend to think small, to imagine only the next move, to leave their dreams to chance. By doing that, […]

Confidence. Taking the front seat


Confidence produces action. Action leads to progress. Nothing moves unless somebody makes the first step. Confident people are those that inspire others to move forward. Leaders, visionaries, successful people believe in themselves and make others believe in themselves too. What is Confidence? Confidence is a mindset, one of the most powerful there is. When we […]

Artificial emotions


Artificial emotions are always better than no emotions. A feeling that is easy and natural is by far the best thing that can create movement. In time, movement leads to success and achievement. What if we don’t have a natural and easy feeling about something? Only artificial emotions Natural is always better than artificial, that’s true […]

The illusion of luck

The illusion of luck

Everything in our lives is a result. Even the way we see the good or bad things is the result of our mindset. Most people believe that some results are happening because of luck. When we think about luck, there is a question we have to consider from the beginning Is luck a social and […]

Too young or too old?

Too young or too old

There are lots of people that are hiding behind the belief that they are too old to take an opportunity. The reason “I’m too old for this…” is one of the most common excuses people use. There are also some young men that believe they are too young to chase an opportunity. Some people say […]

Practical intelligence

Practical intelligence

Intelligence by itself means nothing. But creating something of value is everything. That’s Practical intelligence. It is a common understanding that being intelligent is one of the biggest factors for success, that only intelligent people can create valuable things. That is simply not true. Focus and enthusiasm combined are way more important than intelligence alone. […]

Success can feel like moving a mountain

Moving a mountain

Success means only one thing… Winning. Every human being wants to be successful.  There is not a single individual who doesn’t want the best this life can offer. Nobody enjoys crawling, living in mediocrity, missing out, feeling like a second class, or feeling forced to do something against their will “In order to attain the impossible, […]

Long term mindset

Long term mindset

A mindset that is strong and built to last for a lifetime, is a mindset that is built to change, adapt and grow. One of the reasons that motivation by itself doesn’t lead to change and improvement in the long term is that people get scared when they think about the future. They fear that […]

Does getting “the black belt” in your niche represent an end?

The black belt

A convenient lie is always safer than an inconvenient truth. In the end, the truth is that there is no finish line, there is no end, we are either growing, evolving, or dying. Most of the time we think that once we get to the finish line, we will be victorious, that once we get […]